What is Missing in Your Major Gifts Plan?

What is the most effective way to raise money for your non-profit???

The answer is simple – Know what motivates your donors! How do they define “making a difference?” The only way to truly know this is FACETIME WITH DONORS!

If you stop and look at the lifetime value of the donor you will be reminded why it is so important to get in front of the donor, know their passions, and keep your organization TOP OF MIND.

Your donors are busy. They forget about you and the organization. You certainly have other important responsibilities that demand your attention. You need to establish the priority mindset that effective major gifts work requires and GET OUT OF THE OFFICE!

The Neuromarketing blog ran an article in January of this year showing it “Pays to Schmooze.” The results…establishing rapport with another person really will alter the results.

Now How About a Plan?

  1. Set a goal each month – How many visits will you make this month?
  2. Build internal support – Encourage co-workers to step in and pick up extra tasks or duties to give you extra time to get out of the office. Ask a trusted co-worker to be your wingman and give you the extra “push” to get out of the office.
  3. Promote, Promote, Promote – Let everyone from the board and CEO through the volunteer core know your agenda and why Major Gifts requires getting facetime with donors. It is extremely important to meet with donors for the success of your organization.
  4. Make it happen – NO EXCUSES – Make the commitment to yourself and stick with it. The activity you generate 60-90-120 days from now starts with the activity you do today.

The Bridge is here to help you with all your Major Gifts Planning as well as a host of other services for your non-profit.

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