The Bridge has many satisfied clients, here are comments from just a few

General Testimonials

Thank you for your education, and expertise! You gave invaluable information for our novice organization to a capital campaign and emphasized the importance of a strong Development & Sustainability Department!

We have very committed capable people to our causes. We just need that nudging to keep the ball moving forward! I greatly appreciate your help in that department! I really feel great things are going to happen with your help! “
– Cindy Balin, Hosanna Christian Academy

You are simply the best, and exactly the blessing Hosanna’s project needs! For me personally I feel I have made a friend and have a mentor named Ron. I would be honored to have you as a mentor and look forward to working with you, and staying in touch. Thanks for coming and sharing your expertise with us. ”
– Paula Tuttle, Hosanna Christian Academy

Interaction Styles

“Bob Gregg has brought the Interaction Styles workshop to several of our teams. Each time they have been informative and fun. Lessons learned have helped us improve our communication and taught each person how to be more effective in their leadership role.”
– Colonel Dave Hudson, Chief Secretary

“Bob-the interaction styles workshop at our office was brainy and fun. Thank you for your keen insight and humor. ”
– Richard Dumais, Texas Divisional Development Department

” I think that the workshops that we had with Bobwere amazing. I learned so much about others (particularly those I work with) and myself. I feel that I understand everyone so much better and it is possible that without those workshops I would not be here today, which would have been a shame. ”
– Gene, Leadership Glendale

“The time and effort you gave to our department was more than I could have imagined. To say that it was excellent is an understatement. We are still talking about it and I think beginning to implement it. Understanding who we are and why we do what we do is absolutely foundational to our department moving forward as a unit and ultimately being a service body to the territory.” 
– Debbie, TSA – Department head

“We have learned a great deal from Bob on building the communication and interaction capacity for our teams and our work with our donors. The training leads to a new level of confidence and builds our competency in these critical areas. We would highly recommend Bob’s training and mentoring.”
– Paul Curnow, Assistant Territorial CRD Secretary

“The communication styles workshop Bob Gregg presented was highly informative and most enjoyable. The presentation style he uses kept everyone interested and focused. This workshop resulted in a more cohesive and productive team.”
– Mary Archer, Divisional Development Director

” I found great value in the process not only for myself personally, but also for the Development Department as a whole. I gained great insight into why and how each individual in this Department processes information, and what motivates them. The process has helped me be a more effective leader and better team member. ”
– BJ, TSA – Department head

Strategic Planning

“The Orange County Association of Fundraising Professionals required an infusion of focus – it needed a Big Idea Strategic Plan that the Board of Directors would be excited to implement.

As a consultant, Bob engaged the Board in a full day of discovery through a creative workshop format to develop that enthusiasm. He worked closely with me to carefully define direction, prepare custom materials, analyze the results, roll-out the plan to the membership and attend to follow-through from the VPs on implementation.

Bob more than met every one of my high expectations. And the success of that Plan in meeting its goals was directly due to his attentive support.”
– Frances A. Rozner, M.A., CFRE AFP OC President, 2006

“I found the Strategic Vision process helpful:

  • in focusing our team on future growth.
  • for articulating our mission
  • crystallizing our vision.
  • as a foundation for goal setting
  • development of a document that is used as an accountability tool
  • to use as an effectiveness measurement tool
  • as a valuable team building experience.”

The time commitment always is a difficult challenge. And, there is skepticism. The questions asked before we started include:

  • How is this any different from what we have done before? “It was interactive, built upon the group’s input, knowledge, and skills, provided tools to formalize our mission, challenged us to reach for a goal that seemed beyond our reach.”
  • Do you really expect that anything will change? “There has been change!!! The feedback from the field is that DHQ is a team that services the field, and supports the corps, the officers and the professional staff.”

– DC, Del Oro Division