strategic visioningStrategic Vision—The Roadmap for Nonprofit Organizations

Every organization, whether nonprofit or for profit, needs a strategic plan that helps guide their decision making process. Strategic visioning creates not only the foundation for an organization but also defines the structure around which a nonprofit organization functions. Without a solid and well-developed strategic and shared vision, an organization becomes more like a sail boat that drifts in the ocean without the wind.

What is included in strategic vision planning?

Strategic visioning is more than defining the common core values, mission statement and goals for an organization. It functions as the roadmap that helps steer the entire operational structure – from identifying problems and threats to finding the best specific action steps to overcome those issues. A functional strategic vision is based on the evaluation of both the internal and external environments of an organization; only when the big picture is taken into consideration, can organization understand and assess its strengths and weaknesses, establish its place, and begin to function and grow optimally.

The main principles of a strategic visioning for a nonprofit organization include:

  • Discovering the common core values.
  • Development of mission
  • Creation of vision statements.
  • SPOT analysis (strengths, problems, opportunities and threats)
  • Establishment of goals
  • Building action steps
  • Evaluation of results

What are the benefits of a strategic vision?

Your organization is as strong as its weakest link. A strategic vision is vital for getting everyone in the organization on the right path. It allows an organization to identify problems and challenges and, most importantly, improves problem solving to help overcome these issues quicker; having an optimized strategic vision will become the roadmap for the entire organization.

The 5 direct benefits of a strategic vision include:

  1. Better communication of goals and objectives.
  2. Development of ownership and collaboration within the team.
  3. Establishment of operational priorities and optimization of organizational resources.
  4. Ability to measure progress and achievements.
  5. “Team Building” that will ultimately allow organizations to accomplish so much more.

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