The Bridge Assessment Tool

Board support is crucial for the successful implementation of your mission. Having the right mix of members [profession, gender, community status, etc.] and those with a passion for you mission will make the difference between attaining your goals, and not.

Here is a brief Board Assessment tool. You can personalize it by using the Search and Replace function in your word processor. If you have all [or most] members complete it, and then tabulate the results, your will have a snapshot of where you stand regarding your board and some possible next steps.”

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Campaign Vendor Suggested Interview Questions and Evaluation Form

When considering a major [capital] campaign you will need to interview vendors.  This process offers a series of questions from which you can choose, edit and/or add your own.  Finally there is an evaluation sheet that, again, you can use, edit and/or add your own criteria.

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Some Thoughts on Teams

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