The Recruitment Process – In Brief 

The recruitment process The Bridge Consulting Group offers is in partnership with Carr and Associates.  The team from The Bridge has been involved in hiring CRD professionals at all levels from major gift and planned giving directors to divisional directors of development.  Further, they have participated in and lead search teams for other senior management positions in the business and legal areas.

Carr & Associates has been an industry leader in employee selection, assessment, organizational planning, leadership and team development, career transitioning, and succession planning for over 40 years.  Carr’s professionals have created a technologically advanced system that integrates multiple psychological tools into custom reporting programs that help clients make better talent and development decisions.

Both The Bridge and Carr & Associates are continuously looking for ways to meet and exceed client expectations.  Our staff maintains active participation in professional organizations, stays current with respect to changes in the legal environment, and evaluates new measures as they become available.

Following are some of the questions we find common to most organizations.

In response to your enquiry we carefully address questions such as:

  • what does our search process include?
  • what is required from the client
  • the projected time frame for the search process
  • testing / filtering systems do you utilize to identify prime candidates
  • communication on efforts and progress in your search
  • successes in similar professional personnel searches with other organizations
  • additional information about our efforts, experience and qualifications
  • are there guarantees  included with this process?

For more specific information about how The Bridge can support your recruitment efforts, contact your Bridge representative by phone at (888) 958-0425, or by email at,, or,, or


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