OHAPThriving nonprofit organizations thrive on sound organizational structures, reputation and consistent donations. When funds wane to a significant degree, it can be difficult to pick up the pieces and get a nonprofit back on its feet. Outside help can benefit nonprofit organizations by providing a critical, non-biased look at the structure, market and sustainability.

The Bridge Consulting Group offers its Organizational Health Assessment Program (OHAP). This is an outstanding, comprehensive assessment positively impacting the entire organization.  This is a far more robust analysis over conventional Organizational Assessments. OHAP creates the starting point for your nonprofit to move forward in accomplishing your mission. You will know specifically what is working and what is not working.

Financial and Development Assessments

OHAP will assess the financial and operational health of your nonprofit. The Bridge Consulting Group will conduct an extensive financial analysis including in-depth reviews of past results, current position and future projections.  The result is a comprehensive assessment of the financial sustainability over the next three to five years. In addition, OHAP will evaluate all elements of the fund raising process and the plans that support these initiatives.

Leadership and Board Assessment

An organization is only as good as the team leading it. OHAP will evaluate leaders and managers to formulate clear and concise training and development programs. A nonprofit Board should be a catalyst in many areas, including fundraising.  Included in the OHAP is a top to bottom review of the Board.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Based on the results of the OHAP, The Bridge Consulting Group works side by side with your team to plan the strategy that will address the challenge areas. The team will design a support program to offer specific, detailed recommendations that take you through strategy to detailed execution plans.

When our team of highly qualified professionals completes the OHAP process, you will have a clear roadmap of the four key areas that must be operating at peak efficiency.  The assessment report will include detailed, specific initial, mid-range and long term recommendations for moving forward in a creative, business-like manner.  Knowing your financial health and the strength of your fund-raising efforts, understanding the effectiveness of the board and how to develop it, assessing the capability of your leaders and developing plans to boost their success is vital to sustainability and growth.

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