leadership changeLeadership Change

Leadership changes bring uncertainty and ambiguity to the new leader and the remaining staff members. Learning each other’s communication style preferences takes time and an open mind.

The Bridge Consulting Group will take new leaders and the existing staff through the introductory stages with a Transition Conference. The Transition Conference, by design, initiates positive working relationships in a short period by learning the communication preferences of the staff. Exercises for the staff include:

  • Revealing how long they have been with the organization
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the organization’s values and mission
  • Describing the job they do
  • Explaining past experience, education and training
  • Sharing 2 or 3 personal successes
  • Present 2 or 3 obstacles blocking the flow of effective output
  • Describe the management style needed to promote optimal output

Leadership goals in a new environment

A new leader also transitions into the position as he/she meets the people with whom he/she will work with.  The Transitions Workshop sets these goals for the new leader:

  • Learn the experience, education and training of each staff member
  • Where your team members come from
  • Understand the depth of knowledge they have about the organization
  • Evaluate the understanding of organizational values and its mission
  • Learn the communication style preference of the staff
  • Express your management/leadership style [goal setting, decision making, accountability, etc.]
  • Offer your communication preferences

The Transition Conference accelerates the transition process for everyone by introducing the Integral Typeworks Communications Preferences method:

Leadership Team Building

The Integral Typeworks method teaches you:

  • To understand the four primary Communication preference styles
  • To understand your own personal preference
  • To learn how to recognize the preferred style of others
  • Learn how to shift your style to meet the other person’s preferences

This portion of the workshop helps to release trapped energy inside staff members for better use in the organization.

Understanding the individual to understand the whole

The Integral Typeworks method opens communication allowing an understanding of the complexity of individual lives operating in complex living systems. Through the introduction of a common language, each aspect of life will improve.

The workshop allows you to understand your communication preferences, which will help you:

  • Find insight into the uniqueness of you
  • See your blind spots

Workplace and personal conversations become more effective and meaningful through practicing Integral Typework’s strategies.

(P.S. All pre-workshop facilitations are based on modern practices of the Myers-Briggs method.)

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