International FundraisingThe international expat community is an untapped resource for many international fundraising organizations. This group represents a wealth of monetary, volunteer, and informational resources. Let the Bridge Consulting Group support your efforts in creating a sound strategic plan that can help you be more efficient in your fundraising efforts.

  1. Identify the expat community – Where does the expat community do business? What events, organizations, or restaurants do they frequent? Think of ways you can partner with these organizations so that you can build relationships.
  2. Involve the expat community in your organization – Prepare a newsletter or an email list and send out updates on your work two or more times per month. Utilize social media to post pictures of your events and projects in the field. Then ask your followers to get involved with specific roles and time commitment needed. Pinpoint a volunteer coordinator who is able to be visible in the community, answer questions, and send out information in a timely manner.
  3. Provide opportunities for international corporations –  to support your mission in the countries you work. Corporations appreciate being connected to a worthy cause. Many often have community development departments that are responsible for responding to requests for their involvement. Introduce yourself to these departments. Ask them to underwrite your fundraising activities. Let them know about your volunteer opportunities. Write op-ed pieces for newspapers and websites discussing how the corporation’s support has made a difference in your work.
  4. Build a voluntary leadership team –  with local business, community, and diplomatic leaders. Diversifying your leadership team will allow your organization to take advantage of resources from a variety of places.
  5. Create international donor trips –  to educate contributors that can help facilitate your mission. Donors want to see where and how their funds are being used. Creating a yearly trip that incorporates your organization’s work with learning about local culture, food, religious practices, etc. will help your donors to feel a strong connection to the outcome of the projects they donate to.

The Bridge Consulting Group can help you give voice to your organization’s work, making you much more attractive to international donor organizations. Contact the Bridge Consulting Group today to learn how you and your board can get started attracting the donors your cause deserves: