Case StatementsThere are many wonderful organizations that help people, animals, the environment and specific causes. In order to help potential donors see the good work your programs are doing, it’s important to give them specific and accurate information about the cause. However, just as important is showing individuals the message behind the cause to help them truly understand the importance of their involvement in the program.

A case statement is a document that explains the mission for your programs. From a factual standpoint, a case statement should explain what the program is, what problem is being solved, as well as financial information such as what percentage of donations go to the program and what percentage goes to administrative costs.

However, it provides more than just the basic information about what the program is or who it benefits. A case statement is the real message behind the facts and statistics. It should answer questions like:

  • What is your program really trying to accomplish?
  • What makes it worthwhile to get involved in?
  • Why is it important?
  • Why should I consider investing in the opportunity?

Once the individuals are drawn into the program, the case statement will provide specific information about how they can help the cause.

Your nonprofit organization’s case statement is the marketing piece that draws people to your cause. But, more than that, it gives them a chance to learn about your program so they can see if it matches their drive for making a difference. The Bridge helps its clients craft their marketing message and convey compelling reasons how individuals can meet their personal needs through support for this cause. Let us help you get others to learn how they can meet their goals for giving.

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