Long-term, meaningful success of any nonprofit rests on the strength and engagement of its Board of Directors.

Whether your nonprofit uses an Advisory Board format, or the more traditional Board of Directors, this group of volunteers must have a heart for your mission AND be the heart of your mission.

The challenge faced by so many groups is determining what a “strong” board looks like for their unique set of circumstances.   Who do you need sitting at the table when important decisions are made?   Who does your nonprofit want and need as your mission ambassadors—raising awareness and much needed funds?

board_devOf course, sometimes the questions sound more like –

  • “How do we evaluate our current Board?”
  • “How do we recruit a best-in-class Board?”
  • “How do we train our Board?”
  • “How do we effectively engage our Board?”

Just a quick search on the internet and you will quickly discover that an actively involved, well-informed and diverse Board is an important key to success.  Thus, assuring that your Board works cohesively, aligned with the organization’s mission, vision and its values, is vital

That’s one area where the Bridge Consulting Group excels. The Bridge not only sets you on the right path, but; accompanying you, pointing out important sites and stops along the way.  With more than 100 years of combined diverse nonprofit experience, the Bridge Consulting Group knows how to come along side you and your organization to cultivate your Board as the precious asset it is…or can be.

Because we understand no two clients are the same, we don’t offer ‘cookie-cutter’ programs or fill-in the blank reports.   Rather we take time to get to know your organization and its needs.  Once we are comfortable in our belief that our customized expert service matches your needs, we will prepare a proposal for how we can work together to further your mission—making the world a better place.

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