A brief overview of the recruiting process.

We all know how challenging executive and employee recruiting can be. It takes countless hours and personnel to find the “right'” candidate. Even when you have done everything by the book in making your hiring decision, it is possible the candidate does not work out and you have to start the process over. There are so many variables with hiring it can still be a 50/50 endeavor when it comes to selecting the right candidate.

Do not let hiring and recruitment be your Achilles heel. What if we told you there is a team of seasoned professionals ready to make your next round of hiring the most successful ever?

The Bridge Consulting Group is excited to announce a new partnership with Carr & Associates that will provide high quality recruitment services in leadership and management for any non-profit organization. Our recruitment solutions will ease your hiring needs by bringing in a proven hiring methodology that includes the sourcing of candidates, a comprehensive screening process and detailed selection criteria. With The Bridge and Carr & Associates at the helm of your recruitment process, we will:

Build the Target – We will establish the right persona for the opportunity through a four step, multi-prong approach to your candidate selection.

Provide Proven Sourcing Methods – Knowing where to look for candidates is just as important as knowing you need to hire. Our candidate sourcing is strategic and we use economies of scale to maximize the search.

Enhance Candidate Screening – We know your time is valuable. Since we know your desired candidate persona, our team evaluates every candidate in a very systematic manner to establish a top tier selection pool. The screening process is very robust and utilizes a four step system to ensure only the best candidates remain in the process. We focus on chemistry as much as we focus on qualifications.

Build the Search Through A Partnered Approach – Many search firms offer 4-6 final candidates for their clients to consider, having never once involved the client in the process. We focus on making the hiring experience a “partnered search” in order to eliminate surprises. The partnered search approach increases the final pool of candidates chances of being competently sound and culturally fit for your organization.

If your non-profit organization plans to hire in 2014, keep The Bridge and Carr & Associates in mind to help with those hiring endeavors. After all, wouldn’t a streamlined hiring process be the most beneficial to your mission?

About Carr & Associates

Carr & Associates is an recruiting industry leader with a 40-year track record in employee selection, assessment, organizational planning, leadership, team development, career transitioning, and succession planning. Carr &Associates have created a technologically advanced system that integrates multiple psychological tools into custom reporting programs that help clients make better talent and development decisions.

As a result of the custom tool set, Carr & Associates can provide a comprehensive set of psychological and business consulting services designed to assist organizations with the human factors of business. Carr & Associates works with both the public and private sector and can provide solutions to both the non-profit and for-profit organization.

About The Bridge Consulting Group

The Bridge Consulting Group, LLC is a small team of highly effective and successful professionals committed to helping organizations build capacity in leadership and fund-raising.  Specific areas of emphasis include overall fund-raising capacity building, strategic visioning, Board development, fund-raising/program assessment, communication, major gifts, leadership transition, financial review, and much more. The Principals of The Bridge are Bob Gregg, Ron Waite and Kurt Burger.

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